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Ruth and Augustus Goetz's Tony® Award-winning play is based on the novel Washington Square by Henry James. Set in New York City in 1850, the play centers on the painfully shy Catherine and her austere father. When Catherine falls in love with a handsome suitor, her father threatens to disinherit her, convinced that the young man could only be interested in Catherine's fortune. A co-production with The Smithsonian Associates and Voice of America.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Amy Irving as Catherine Slope
George Gaynes as Dr. Austin Slope
Chris Noth as Morris Townsend
Helen Hedman as Marion Almond
Jane Beard as Maria/Mrs. Montgomery
Maureen Kerrigan as Elizabeth Almond
Marty Lodge as Arthur Townsend
Halo Wines as Lavinia Penniman

Directed by Nick Olcott. Recorded before a live audience at the Voice of America, Washington D.C. in February 0f 1998.

© 2006 L.A. Theatre Works (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781580816106