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The Astonishing Ailment

Forfatter: Rajshekhar Basu Oplæser: Anindya Chakravorty Lydbog

"The evening was approaching. Nanda babu was on his way home, travelling past Hogg Market. While passing Beadon Street, his ride slowed down a little. They were tailing a bullock cart, and his neighbourhood crossing lay just ahead. Just then, he noticed his friend—Banku—walking out of the gully. Excited, Nanda babu called out, “Hey Banku…wait! Wait, I’m getting off!” And just as Nanda babu, crushed under the weight of two large bags, tried to alight his moving vehicle, he slipped on his dhoti and fell right onto the road. A commotion greeted the situation and the tram came to a screeching halt."

Rajshekhar Basu, or Parashuram, was one of the most venerated figures of 20th century Bengal. A leading light of Bengali literature, Rajshekhar was a remarkable personality. His first book of stories, Gaddalika was well-received and Rabindranath Tagore really appreciated the book.

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