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Succeed in English 11-14 Years

Forfatter: Katharine Watson E-bog

Specifically designed to help parents support their children's work at home, and concise and accessible so both parent and child can follow the principles easily and at their own pace, this book provides in-depth coverage of the essential English topics for school children aged 11-14. With a simple attractive layout, the books provide a comprehensive examination of each topic and a wealth of exercises to test the reader's understanding.

The bestselling Succeed In series has already sold over 350,000 copies. Titles in this series: Succeed In … English 7-9, Maths 7-9, English 9-11, Maths 9-11, English 11-14, Maths 11-14, Science 11-14, English 14-16 (GCSE), Maths 14-16 (GCSE), Science 14-16 (GCSE)

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