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Stories for 4 to 5 year olds

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Enhance, extend and enrich your pupils’ reading experience.

Bring Collins Big Cat to life in your classroom with brand new read-along versions of all Key Stage 1 Collins Big Cat books. Enjoy lively readings, sound effects and music whilst helping children connect how words look with how they sound.

This audio bundle includes stories for age 4 to 5 year olds from Band 07/Turquoise, titles are:
A Visit to the Farm
Africa's Big Three
Brown Bear and Wilbur Wolf
Chewy Hughie
Fly facts
Going Fast
Going for a Drive
Good Fun Farm
Grace Darling
Harry the Clever Spider
Harry the Clever Spider at School
Horses' Holiday
How to Make a Storybook
One Short
Snake Hair
The Bogeyman
The Diver
The journey of humpback whales
The Last War Horses
The Lost Village of Skara Brae
The stone cutter
The Train Under Your Feet
What's that Building?

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