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Shifter Fated

Forfatter: Alexis Calder Oplæser: Tristan James, Elizabeth Russell Lydbog

I've got a trio of demons on my tail and I pissed off a bunch of vampires. Oh yeah, and there's a human hunter after my mates. All of them. Did I mention that I have a mating bond with multiple males? I thought my life was weird as a supernatural hunter. Now that I'm the protector of the last moonstone, things have gotten positively insane.

It's possible we'll find a solution to this. I might even survive. But for that to happen everything would have to go right.

Considering that there's a bounty on my head, I don't think that's going to happen.

My only chance is convincing one of the bad guys to change sides. The only thing he wants in return? Me.

And it's getting harder to keep turning him down.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781666129588

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