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Sappho in Shining Armor

Forfatter: M. E. Bellinger Oplæser: Ann Richardson Lydbog

Is it possible for a lesbian to fall passionately in love at age 65? Ruthie Stein is about to find out. Having spent 23 years as a lesbian in her first and passion-filled partnership with the brilliant and attractive, Ruth, Ruthie believes no one could again fill her heart with overflowing love as we discovered in the novel, The Two Ruths and She Who Is Without Sin, Ruthie has no interest in searching for love again. Living in rural Upstate New York in the still closeted 1970’s and 1980’s, Ruthie sees no point in making such a search.

It is now 1985, and into Ruthie’s workplace walks a woman who appears to be a physically and emotionally battered victim of a twisted woman partner. Ruthie has no intention of getting involved in their mess, but how can she not intervene when the battered woman has a Mona Lisa smile and gentle manner certainly undeserving of such treatment?

© 2021 Great Plains Audiobooks (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781736665305