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Risk Parity: How to Invest for All Market Environments

Forfatter: Alex Shahidi Oplæser: Daniel Henning Lydbog

Target high returns and greater consistency with this insightful guide from a leading investor

The market volatility exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to question their exposure to risk in their own portfolios. But what should one do about it?

In Risk Parity: How to Invest for All Market Environments, accomplished investment consultant Alex Shahidi delivers a powerful approach to portfolio management that reduces the potential for significant capital loss while maintaining an attractive expected return.

The book focuses on allocating capital amongst four diverse asset classes: equities, commodities, Treasury bonds, and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. You'll learn about: the nature of risk and why traditional approaches to risk management unnecessarily give up potential returns or inadequately protect against catastrophic market events; why proper risk management is more important now than ever; and how to efficiently implement a risk parity approach.

Perfect for both individual and professional investors, Risk Parity is a must-have resource for anyone seeking to increase consistency in their portfolio by building a truly balanced asset allocation.

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