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Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids: The Scandalous 1916 Murder Plot

Forfatter: Tobin T. Buhk Oplæser: Daniel Henning Lydbog

With his boyish good looks, Arthur Warren Waite charmed into marriage the daughter of wealthy Grand Rapids business tycoon John E. Peck in 1916. He then wasted no time executing what he believed to be a flawless scheme to hijack his wife's inheritance. The plot went awry when a mysterious telegram set off a sequence of events that ultimately exposed his immoral ambition to poison all other Peck heirs. Follow Waite's fingerprints of indiscretion around Grand Rapids and New York City as author Tobin T. Buhk details this audacious plan of staggering complexity.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9798765006542

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