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Mobilized Marketing : How to Drive Sales, Engagement and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices

Forfatter: Jeff Hasen Oplæser: Johnny Heller Lydbog

Mobile marketing is finally entering the forefront of the marketing realm as mega brands roll out million-dollar budgets and small businesses have turned to the medium for its affordability, measurability, and repeatable successes in producing sales and driving engagement and loyalty. Through insights from bold industry visionaries, Hip cricket clients, and fellow mobile pioneers, the book takes readers through campaigns worth repeating and others that are not. The book assesses the many mobile roads that marketers can take and illustrates the proven strategies and tactics that move products off the shelf and build loyalty through the consumer's most personal device. The book will demonstrate how to integrate mobile into marketing programs and how to measure it's effectiveness how to make their existing marketing spends work harder how to optimize campaigns in real-time how brands of all sizes have performed in their mobile efforts - why some have failed and how others bravely turned to mobile how to adapt an actionable plan to help determine which mobile tactics are keepers and which are not

© 2020 Ascent Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781663709479