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Martin Chuzzlewit

Forfatter: Charles Dickens Oplæser: Martin Jarvis Lydbog

Charles Dickens' much loved novel, brilliantly read by Martin Jarvis and featuring an immersive musical soundtrack to enhance your audiobook listening experience!

MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT is beloved as Dickens' last great Picaresque novel, and is noted as the turning point between his early comic novels and the later sombre social critiques. Through the far-ranging escapades of young Martin, grandson of a rich but misanthropic old man, Dickens weaves a spellbinding story of adventure, intrigue and, eventually, redemption.

Booktrack is an immersive format that pairs traditional audiobook narration and complementary music. The tempo and rhythm of the score are in perfect harmony with the action and characters throughout the audiobook. Gently playing in the background, the music never overpowers or distracts from the narration so that listeners can enjoy every minute. When you purchase this Booktrack edition, you receive the exact narration as the traditional audiobook available, with the addition of music throughout.

(P)1996 Hodder & Stoughton Audiobooks and (P)2018 Booktrack Holding Ltd (background soundtrack only)

© 2018 Hodder & Stoughton (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781473693920

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