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Mansfield Park

Forfatter: Jane Austen E-bog

When Fanny Price is sent away from her struggling family to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle, life doesn’t suddenly transform for her. At least, not for the better. From failed marriage proposals to unavoidable class conflicts, Fanny must learn to fit in to a place where she does not always feel welcome.

As Fanny grows up in the new house, with new rules, and new consequences, she learns about the trials one faces as they enter adulthood. Having nothing to shield her from the constant abuse of her relatives, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, Fanny’s life at Mansfield Park is anything but comfortable. Fanny struggles to keep up with the vicious family dynamic among those coming and going at the manor, finding comfort in her only kind relationship with Edmund, the eldest son of Sir and Lady Bertram.

When Henry Crawford and his sister Mary arrive at Mansfield Park, suddenly things start to get complicated. As a web of lies, jealousy, and failed attempts at love circulate through the house, Fanny must set aside her own desires to keep the truth from slipping through her fingers.

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© 2020 Mint Editions (E-bog) ISBN: 9781513264257