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Forfatter: Rachel Edwards Oplæser: Jessica Hayles Lydbog

‘I devoured it.’ Erin Kelly
‘An exhilarating voice’ Adele Parks
‘Unbelievably tense and twisty.’ Laura Marshall

Rachel Edwards

The more she wins, the more she loses…

‘Absorbing, unsettling, unflinching. I’ve been thinking about it for days and I’ll be recommending it to everyone.’ Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies

Someone is watching Etta. Footsteps in the night, the security light coming on at strange hours … is it all just her curtain-twitching neighbours, who seem to monitor her every move? Or is her little online problem making her paranoid?

Because Etta needs to win big. She joined a gambling website to get a bit of cash, hoping to convince her boyfriend Ola that they can afford to get married. And she was so good at it … until she wasn’t. Luckily, she’s made a friend who hit the jackpot and if she plays her cards right, he could lend her the money to win everything back. Easy. So why does she feel so afraid?

© 2021 Fourth Estate (Lydbog) ISBN: 9780008364595