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Learn to Read – Learn English with Stories

Forfatter: Christian Stahl Oplæser: Christian Stahl, Monica Wagner Lydbog

Would you like to improve your English listening skills? This audiobook enables you to expand your English vocabulary and your listening capabilities in a fun and easy way. This audiobook includes 100 English short stories suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.

The stories are funny, captivating, and easy to understand, and you be able to learn how British English is used.

The English stories contain loads of dialogue so you can get a grasp of how people from Britain speak English on a daily basis. All the English stories are clearly explained in audio. This English language audiobook offers you a wide range of culturally important information you can use when you travel to the United Kingdom or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for English language learners but also for anyone interested in British culture in general.

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