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HSK 3 Vocabulary Guide: Vocabularies, Pinyin & Example Sentences

Forfatter: Pinhok Languages E-bog

You have already made it through the first 2 levels of HSK and want to tackle HSK 3 next? This HSK 3 vocabulary guide will make sure your learning is as streamlined and efficient as possible and will help you achieve your goal in no time.

Overall, HSK covers 5000 words and phrases, 300 of which are part of HSK 3. This book contains the current list of HSK 3 words last updated in 2012. It covers HSK vocabularies 301 to 600. If you haven't studied the first 300 vocabularies yet, make sure you do that before starting with this guide. All words in this book come with Pinyin, English translation and at least one example sentence helping you to not only learn the word but also understand the way it's used within sentences.

To successfully pass HSK 3 there are further topics for you to consider like grammar or listening which are not explicitly covered in this book. This book concentrates on helping you to build the foundation that allows you to then accelerate further learning in courses, with mock exams or whatever other form of studying works best for you. Good luck

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