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Forfatter: Abbi Glines Oplæser: Sasha Higgins Lydbog

A pretty face, a fabulous gown, a flutter of lashes at just the right moment-Miriam had been taught she must use all these things to land a wealthy husband. Much preferring the company of books to people, the only thing that stopped Miriam from fleeing to the countryside was her younger sister-who was counting on Miriam to make a match that would ensure she could care for her mother and sister properly.

He knew his duty to his title and he would do as was necessary.

Although Hugh Compton, Earl of Ashington, hadn't wanted his father's title at the age of nine and twenty, he gained it two years ago when his father died unexpectedly. The only good that had come of that was Hugh had been able to move his father's wife to the dowager house. Now it was time to marry.

Many disliked the Earl of Ashington but none so much as his brother.

After his mother was sent off as if she were trash to be disposed of, Nicholas swore he'd even the score. With the intent of charming the boring Lydia Ramsbury right out of his brother's arms, Nicholas discovered it was a new face that had captured his brother's attention-Miss Miriam Bathurst.

Vengeance had never looked so sweet.

Contains mature themes.

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