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Forgotten Promise

Forfatter: Julie Trettel Oplæser: Carly Robins, Joe Hempel Lydbog

At six years old Tyler Klein made a promise to his best friend Josie. "When I grow up and get my wolf, I'm gonna make you my mate." Back then he didn't know a lot about mating, but he thought he knew a thing or two about love.

Josie's family changed allegiances to a new pack shortly after that and the memory faded long ago, that is until Josie shows up at the ARC to visit a friend.

Tyler understands a lot more about mating now after seeing many of his fraternity brothers of Delta Omega Gamma fall to their true mates. But he doesn't know shit about love or how to handle the fact that the girl of his childhood dreams is his one true mate.

Contains mature themes.

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