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Fantasy & SciFi
7T 8M


Forfatter: Matthew Peed Oplæser: Eva Kaminsky, Gabriel Vaughan Lydbog

Tired of the necromancer threat, Regan increases efforts to deal with them at their heart of power in the north. Seemingly aware of his presence, the monster horde continues to grow until finally they charge the valley. Steel Spire, one of Regan's sub-core ends up attracting their attention. Will his new inventions be able to handle the mass of monsters?

Meanwhile, Louella has her own monster horde to deal with. Enlisting the aid of the adventurers that have come to her valley, she marshals a force to meet the horde on the battlefield. Pushing her own power to the limit to defend her new home, will she be able to answer the call to battle?

© 2020 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781705222829