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Forfatter: Jane Austen Oplæser: Mary Jane Wells Lydbog

Emma Woodhouse, age 21, is beautiful, wealthy, talented and smart. The world lies at her feet. She wants for nothing. What could she possibly gift the world in return?

When Emma follows her unfailing instinct for romantic matchmaking, she ensures that the entwined communities of Donwell Abbey, Hartfield and Randall's Estates in rural 19th century England are never short of horrifying social embarrassment and misadventure.

Original source material for the movie Clueless, Emma is known for its cast of rich and lively characters, biting social commentary and a sparkling plot This time it is narrated by Mary Jane Wells, a multiple Earphone Award and Audie Award Winner known for her multi-character reads - surely a match made in heaven.

Arguably Austen's most popular novel, this timeless classic about love and marriage is vivid, captivating and irresistibly witty.

© 2020 Author's Republic (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781662151163