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Forfatter: Reese Knightley Oplæser: Tristan James Lydbog

Micah Robertson, code named Lash, has always loved Alex from the first moment their eyes met. He thought they'd be together forever and it tears him apart when he and Alex split after a life-altering tragedy. So, teaming up with Alex one more time doesn't seem like the best plan. Yet, Micah can't say no because Alex is in his blood.

Alexander Hendrix, code named Fear, met the love of his life when he ran into Micah at a medal ceremony. Only one thing has ever brought him to his knees, and that was when Micah walked away. Approached by Phoenix to help with one special case, Alex says yes because staying away from Micah is not an option.

It's not always roses between these two powerful men. Lash struggles to trust others and Fear needs to control the world around him. They have enough problems without the devastating actions of a psychopath. Can these two lovers learn to navigate their new painful reality and reclaim a life together or will they let their own actions keep them apart?

Phoenix chases an old adversary and a new elusive foe as they race against time hunting a madman bent on leaving a trail of destruction.

Contains mature themes.

© 2020 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781541439405

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