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Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 3

Forfatter: Samuel Richardson Oplæser: Samuel West, Katie Scarfe, Teresa Gallagher, Anna Bentinck, Paul Panting, Roger May, Nigel Pilkington, Lucy Scott, Hayward B. Morse, John Foley Lydbog

A milestone in the history of the novel, Samuel Richardson’s epistolary and elaborate Clarissa follows the life of a chaste young woman desperate to protect her virtue. When beautiful Clarissa Harlowe is forced to marry the rich but repulsive Mr Solmes, she refuses, much to her family’s chagrin. She escapes their persecution with the help of Mr Lovelace, a dashing and seductive rake, but soon finds herself in a far worse dilemma. Terrifying and enlightening, Clarissa weaves a tapestry of narrative experimentation into a gripping morality tale of good versus evil. The recording is divided into three volumes.

© 2018 Naxos Audiobooks (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781781981818

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