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Automatic Fluency® Immediate Brazilian Portuguese Level 1

Forfatter: Mark Frobose Oplæser: Mark Frobose Lydbog

Fast – Easy – Effective – A trained native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and a professional American language expert show you how to speak authentic Portuguese faster and easier than you ever thought possible, from any location, and during your otherwise wasted down time.

Imagine learning to actually speak and understand real Brazilian Portuguese during down time that you normally spend waiting in traffic, on trains, even for the dentist, and from any location! Here’s the secret. You quickly and easily learn to speak and understand simple yet powerful bite-sized pieces of authentic Portuguese during your daily down time. You then learn how to put the tiny pieces together into easy but powerful and original Portuguese sentences that you easily speak and the natives instantly understand!

© 2021 Language Audiobooks (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781618161222

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