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How to Create a Commanding Presence

How to Create a Commanding Presence

4,15 13 5 Forfatter: Made for Success Oplæser: Larry Iverson
Do you ever wonder how to become more influential? Would you like to know how to get people to instantly accept and like you? What if you knew the verbal and nonverbal tactics that immediately give you credibility? Well now you can! You can start using these strategies today to build a winning, commanding presence.

Dr. Larry Iverson will guide you through proven methods that will help you make a positive impact and be more persuasive with everyone you meet.

– Learn how to instantly get people to believe what you are saying;
– Know how to deliver bad news in a way that it doesn’t reflect on you;
– Learn a step-by-step strategy for getting people to like and accept you;
– Refine your skills of speaking persuasively;
– Learn what the number one conflict is—and how to rapidly break free of it.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Made for Success
Udgivet: 2011-11-07
Længde: 57M
ISBN: 9781483092003

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