Detours Into the Paranormal: Atlantic City Road Trip - Denver Michaels

Detours Into the Paranormal: Atlantic City Road Trip

Detours Into the Paranormal: Atlantic City Road Trip

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What do cryptid creatures such as the Jersey Devil, the Snarly Yow, Bigfoot, Big Red Eye, the Wooo-wooo, the Snallygaster, the Sykesville Monster, Chessie, the Dwayyo, and various others have in common? They can all be found along a route that stretches from Virginia to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This same stretch of highway is dotted with many haunted locations such as the John Brown Raid Headquarters, Rockwood Mansion, Bellevue, the USS Constellation, the Absecon Lighthouse, to name a few, and winds its way through the eerie Pine Barrens.

In this book, the reader joins Denver Michaels as he travels from his home in Virginia to Atlantic City, New Jersey in search of the paranormal. Michaels will serve as a "paranormal tour guide" during the four-hour trip; he stops at haunted buildings and bridges, historic landmarks, and even a well-known gravity hill, sharing some of the interesting history of each location.

Combining Colonial Era and Civil War history with a heavy dose of urban legends and folklore, along with some of his own personal experiences, it is sure to be quite a trip! Buckle in.
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Forlag: Author Denver Michaels
Udgivet: 2019-06-03
Længde: 3T 54M
ISBN: 9781987180213

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