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Million Dollar Membership Site

Million Dollar Membership Site

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The Build It and Sell It Way to Riches A membership site is one that allows your visitors to subscribe (for free or a paid subscription) to access your content. Membership sites offer you a great way to make an online income. Either charge a one-off payment for access to your content, or charge a recurring monthly or annual fee. The choice is yours. Add in a forum and you have a community of people, all interested in your content. In the course I'll plan out a demonstration membership site, and then you get to watch over-my-shoulder as I build the membership site from scratch In this course you will learn: * What membership sites are, and why they are a good way to make an income online. * How to plan out your membership site. * How to install and configure Wishlist Member. * How to create content and then protect it so that only those members who should have access, actually do. You will learn a few different ways to protect your content. * How to show a teasers to non-members to encourage them to subscribe. * How to use shortcodes to personalize your member content. * How to use Mergecodes for additional control over content protection. * How to create multiple levels within your membership site, so you can effectively run multiple courses from a single Wishlist installation. * Customizing the experience for multiple membership levels, so each member feels special. * How to setup drip-fed (sequential) content so that you control how quickly members get access to various content. * How to integrate Paypal and/or Clickbank to take payments from your members. * How to integrate a forum into your member area using a free Wordpress plugin. A forum can help you build a community on your site. When people feel like part of a community, they are more likely to stick around.
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-06-19
Længde: 45M
ISBN: 9781982759773

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