The Art of Tennis - Dominic J. Stevenson

The Art of Tennis

The Art of Tennis

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The Art of Tennis is a collection of creative tennis essays, musings and observations. The first volume of this new annual publication artfully gathers considered highlights and moments from the world of tennis over the period from Wimbledon 2017 to the grass court season pre-Wimbledon 2018 - a year encompassing a great deal of action, drama and surprises aplenty. While following actual matches and events on tour it also looks at lesser contemplated aspects of the sport both on and off the court. Balls are crunched, atmospheres captured. Characters emerge, passions surface, rivers of sweat drip and champions are crowned. A start-to-finish snapshot of a year of life on tour, The Art of Tennis is painted with words, giving birth to something fresh and unique - a brand new angle on an age-old sport. Punchy and poetic, here is a project that moves beyond the game to capture its essence. Artful prose brings emotions to life, documenting a year in a spellbinding range of highlights and a whirlwind of transglobal travel.
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2019-06-10
ISBN: 9781785315732

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