The Girl from Galloway - Anne Doughty

The Girl from Galloway

The Girl from Galloway

4.5 2 5 Forfatter: Anne Doughty Oplæser: Aoife MacMahon
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The hardest times can build the strongest friendships County Donegal, Ireland, April 1845. Since following her heart and moving from her comfortable home in Scotland to the harsh mountainside of Ardtur, County Donegal, Hannah McGinley hasn’t had the easiest life. But surrounded by her two children and her loving husband Patrick she has found happiness. When her daughter returns home with news that her school may close as one of the teachers is moving away, Hannah feels compelled to take the vacant post. With the schoolmaster Daniel having lost his sight, Hannah knows that he won’t be able to manage the children alone. But the money from teaching is poor and as the potato crops begin to fail all around them, times are getting tougher still. Will Hannah be able to help her family and save the school? This lyrical saga full of depth and emotion will sweep you away to a simpler time. Readers LOVE Anne Doughty: ‘I love all the books from this author’ ‘beautifully written’ ‘would recommend to everyone’ ‘Fabulous story, couldn't put it down!’ ‘Looking forward to the next one.’
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Forlag: HQ Digital
Udgivet: 2019-05-16
Længde: 8T 8M
ISBN: 9780008339241

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