The Joy of Being - Marina Pearson

The Joy of Being

The Joy of Being

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WOULD YOU LOVE TO STRESS LESS AND LIVE MORE? Juggling motherhood and work, whether you run a business or work in a demanding job, can seem nothing short of exhausting, overwhelming and lonely as you rush around tending to your obligations without any time to spare for you. Nevertheless, it is possible to... • have a deeper and richer experience of life where you navigate it with more ease • have more time for yourself without the guilt • connect more deeply with those you care about • accomplish what you want with more confidence and less comparison and worry This ground-breaking book by bestselling author and joy coach Marina Pearson guides mums to fall back in love with life, so they unplug from their worries to light up with insight and joy.
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Forlag: Panoma Press
Udgivet: 2019-05-10
ISBN: 9781784524043

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