Stronger After Stroke, Third Edition: Your Roadmap to Recovery - Peter G. Levine

Stronger After Stroke, Third Edition: Your Roadmap to Recovery

Stronger After Stroke, Third Edition: Your Roadmap to Recovery

5.0 1 5 Forfatter: Peter G. Levine Oplæser: Chris Sorensen
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Now in its third edition, Stronger After Stroke gives the power of recovery to the listeners by providing simple-to-follow instructions for reaching the highest possible level of recovery. The book's neuroplastic recovery model stresses repetition of task-specific practice, proper scheduling of practice, setting goals, and measuring progress to achieve optimal results. Researcher Peter G Levine breaks down the science and gives survivors evidence-based tools to retrain the brain and take charge of recovery. Stronger After Stroke introduces listeners to leading-edge stroke recovery information while simplifying the process to attain specific benchmarks. Also included is a sample recovery schedule, a helpful glossary of frequently used stroke recovery terms, and a list of resources for listeners to research emerging stroke recovery options. The new Third Edition of Stronger After Stroke features: - Complete update of all chapters to reflect new knowledge about maximizing recovery - The latest research insights applied to individual recovery programs - Steps to cope with challenges at each stage of recovery and achieve success - strategies to save time and money - New chapters on using electrical stimulation, reducing post-stroke pain, and understanding spasticity
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Forlag: Tantor Audio
Udgivet: 2019-04-23
Længde: 10T 27M
ISBN: 9781977349132

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