10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen - Sharon Ballantine

10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen

10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen

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Would you like to overcome the challenges that go along with raising teens? Perhaps you’d like to have conversations rather than arguments with your teen? Or maybe you’d like to know how to get the best behavior from your teen and increase the harmony in your home? Then this is a must-have program for you! Parenting coach and author, Sharon Ballantine, presents her incredible 10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen. In this audio program you will discover: How to help your teen be their best self Harness the power of intention with your teen Use this technique to create a happy, healthy home with your teen Learn how to respond rather than react to your teen See if you’re doing this one thing when you talk with your teen Learn what to do when your teen is moody Recognize what to do when your teen doesn’t want to participate in a family activity Learn how to stop the drama and start the dialogue Know what to do if your teen’s venting turns into raging Use this bonus tip to help you establish life-long trust with your teen. You'll also find out what Law of Attraction author Esther Hicks has to say about when the best time is to affirm your teen. 10 Tips for Living Happy with Your Teen will equip you with four simple steps you can begin doing right now to reduce the drama and increase the happiness in your home. And ultimately, you'll be able to trust your teen like never before.
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Forlag: Made For Success Publishing
Udgivet: 2018-01-01
Længde: 28M
ISBN: 9781641462181

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