The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide - David Jagneaux

The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide

The Ultimate Roblox Book: An Unofficial Guide

3.7 10 5 Forfatter: David Jagneaux
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Build and create your own Roblox world with this bestselling easy and fun guide!

Roblox, the largest user-generated online gaming platform that allows users to create and share their own game worlds and gaming creations, has taken the digital world by storm. There are so many games and social worlds to create with the platform, and this guide gives you the advice you need to get started. With everything from instructions for playing the games to tips on creating your own games and worlds to the basics of coding, The Ultimate Roblox Book can help you to become a top Roblox designer.
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Adams Media
Udgivet: 2018-01-02
ISBN: 9781507205341

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