Laura no está - Paco Ardit

Laura no está

Laura no está

3,5 16 5 Forfatter: Paco Ardit Oplæser: Agustín Giraudo, Franco Patiño, Victoria Ansera, Rae Bael, Fernando Flamini
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Looking for Spanish Novels?
I know how tough it is to find good readings to learn a new language.
You don't usually have a large vocabulary or are able to read long and complex sentences.
You'd like to go right to the fun stuff, but maybe it's too hard for you now.
A typical Spanish Reader isn't interesting or just plain boring.
But this book is not like that.
A Spanish Book for Pre Intermediates (A2) Both Fun & Easy

Laura no está is the sixth book of the Spanish Novels Series. This Pre Intermediate Spanish Reader is packed with useful expressions you need in everyday situations: greetings, asking questions, talking to friends, etc. Anyone who has a basic command of the Spanish language can take advantage of this book. I assume you know your pronouns, articles, and the most used verbs/nouns in Spanish. You also need to know simple present, past and future tenses.

A mistery story that takes place in Buenos Aires. Laura is a street drawer. She makes portraits and landscapes, and sells them in a pedestrian street. One day a strange man from Sweden shows up. He starts buying portraits. And a few days later, Laura is gone. Her friend Claudio will try to find her.

This Spanish book for Pre Intermediates will show you the most used grammar structures in different situations. As the difficulty level is just right you will learn and enjoy it at the same time. There's no doubt about it: An Intermediate Spanish book is the perfect place to keep improving the language.

Why Spanish Novels
-Short sentences
-Short chapters
-Easy vocabulary
-Simple grammar
-Everyday dialogues
A Pre Intermediate (A2) Spanish Reader in SIMPLE Spanish.
Sample sentences:
-Todos los días Laura vende sus dibujos en la calle.
-A Laura le encanta conversar con sus amigos.
-Le gustan los libros de misterio y las biografías de rock.
-Los domingos lee bastante, mira películas y sale al parque con amigos.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-02-20
Længde: 50M
ISBN: 9781982742317

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