The magical rainforest of Tambopata: The peruvian Amazon - Juan Luis Tord

The magical rainforest of Tambopata: The peruvian Amazon

The magical rainforest of Tambopata: The peruvian Amazon

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The Tambopata National Reserve covers 275,690 hectares (1,064 square miles) in the Peruvian Amazon region of Madre de Dios. In this exuberant natural territory, there are 600 species of birds, 1230 species of butterflies (a world record), 103 mammals, 127 reptiles and amphibians, 94 fish, 103 dragonflies, eight species of monkeys and tens of thousands of species of plants, insects and invertebrates, many of which have yet to be scientifically identified. This extraordinary book portrays one of the densely biodiverse rainforests in the world and contains impressive photographs by the explorer and photographer Juan Luis Tord, who has travelled extensively in this region of the Amazon rainforest over 20 years. Few publications show such close-up images of wild species such as the jaguar, puma, ocelot, spectacled caiman or wild pigs. The photographic quality in this book is surprising, displaying a variety of colors that are rarely seen in book form, providing the reader with a beautiful memento of a magnificent biodiversity that is becoming increasingly difficult to observe in the world today.
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Forlag: YoPublico
Udgivet: 2015-02-12
ISBN: 9788740475104

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