Innovation's Dirty Little Secret - Larry Osborne

Innovation's Dirty Little Secret

Innovation's Dirty Little Secret

3.0 1 5 Forfatter: Larry Osborne Oplæser: Tommy Cresswell
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Most books on innovation make it sound as if successful innovation is the end result of a carefully followed recipe. But the simple fact is that when it comes to any new venture, failure is the surest horse to bet on.

Respected pastor and author, Larry Osborne, explains how understanding this dirty little secret behind innovation can bring both stability and creativity to organizations, especially those with teams of people that focus on innovation, creativity, new ideas, and problem-solving. Using the wisdom and principles found in this book, you will be free to lead dynamically without causing uncertainty or insecurity in your organization.

In Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, you’ll learn:
How to foster innovation’s most powerful igniters and accelerators while avoiding the most common killers of innovationHow to recognize and break through ceilings of complexity and competencyThe six pitfalls of growth and what you can do to avoid themThe three questions every leader needs to ask before launching any new endeavor
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Forlag: Zondervan
Udgivet: 2013-10-22
Længde: 4T 47M
ISBN: 9780310516675

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