The Jobhunting Toolkit - Oni Bhattacharya

The Jobhunting Toolkit

The Jobhunting Toolkit

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The so-called global recession has claimed thousands of jobs leaving many unable to find work. With employers tightening their purse strings, becoming more picky about who they employ and filtering a large number of applications, how do you find work in the 21st century? The Jobhunting Toolkit will provide you with the answers. Part personal development, part practical advice and with simple exercises to follow, this book shows how to get working in tough times. It also gives an insight into how to look for and apply for work and how to succeed at interview. The methods have been tested on some of the UK's long-term unemployed with great success. For those serious about finding work this book will show you how to unlock your own inner potential, know yourself better and be successful at finding the job you are looking for.
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Forlag: Panoma Press
Udgivet: 2015-06-04
ISBN: 9781784521776

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