A General's Letters to His Son on Minor Tactics - Anonymous

A General's Letters to His Son on Minor Tactics

A General's Letters to His Son on Minor Tactics

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It has very forcibly been brought home to me that not only young officers joining their units from training establishments, but also those who have been in France and have come back wounded, are often very ignorant on those points in minor tactics which they have not learnt through actual experience on the battlefield, and that this is especially the case with regard to the proper control of fire. The battlefield is an expensive place to acquire knowledge which can be gained elsewhere, and it behooves us to do all we possibly can to train our young commanders under peace conditions for the ordeals they will have to encounter in the presence of the enemy. Training which in ordinary times would form the course of study for years now has to be crammed into a few months, and it stands tovi reason that much which is essential remains unlearnt. I have generally found that the best way to train young officers in minor tactics is by giving them as realistically as possible little problems to solve, and afterwards in the presence of their comrades to discuss their proposed dispositions and then to tell them clearly what they ought to have done, giving reasons for every step taken. Where it is possible actually to carry out the exercise with troops, this is still better, so long as it is all done quickly, as this impresses the lesson to be learnt more strongly on the minds of the students. Many men who are in other ways excellent instructors have not the facility for constructing problems with a point, and this being the case, it has occurred to me that I may be generally helping the training of young officers by publishing these letters which are written in continuation of those I addressed to my son on obtaining his commission. The importance of the subject with which they deal is self-evident.
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Forlag: anboco
Udgivet: 2016-09-28
ISBN: 9783736415218

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