Mind Hack Your Golf: Improve Your Game - Dr Margaret Potter

Mind Hack Your Golf: Improve Your Game

Mind Hack Your Golf: Improve Your Game

3,6 10 5 Forfatter: Dr Margaret Potter Oplæser: Xana Chambers
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How would you like to take charge of your mind and play your golf on your own terms?
While most mental skills books for golf adopt a narrow focus on teaching skills that target performance, this book uses a holistic approach and provides tools to organize your thinking. You will learn to direct your mind with focused purpose to help you achieve your goals.
Mind Hack Your Golf explores the 5Ps of a great golf mind:
1. Preparation focuses on building self-awareness as one of the essential key ingredients that will help you to develop the golf champion mindset.
2. Practice introduces you to mindfulness practices, concentration techniques, self-talk and imagery that helps to build your mental skills tool kit
3. Performance highlights the stages of skill development and the importance of managing your emotions so you can consistently perform without fail.
4. Pursuit explores the benefits of positive emotional states and identifies core values that build character while promoting enjoyment and success.
5. Progress promotes an action-learning approach that encourages you to keep things simple while focusing on specific aspects of practice
The tips, tricks, and strategies in this book will provide a solid platform for you to create your own mind mastery. All you have to do is implement the tactics in this book to take your golf game to the next level.
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2018-11-27
Længde: 2T 29M
ISBN: 9780648451228

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