SIX - Robert White



3.0 7 5 Forfatter: Robert White Oplæser: Nicholas Camm
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STRIKER has a gift. He sees things other cops don’t. Sometimes, it’s a blessing. On other occasions, a curse. When a package containing graphic pictures of a murder taking place is delivered to the mother of the victim, the unconventional and uncompromising detective is called upon to use his special talents to solve the case. With just a small team of specialist officers, including the beautiful psychological profiler, DC Felicity Abbott, Striker quickly learns he is dealing with not one, but two serial killers who are about to kill one victim, each week. Same time, same place, same MO. Six of them. Who says serial killers don’t know when to stop? SIX, is the latest Detective Sergeant Striker thriller, from one of the new breed of British authors, Robert White. This dark, violent tale is packed with intrigue and will keep you guessing.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Krimier Oversætter:

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Forlag: Whole Story QUEST
Udgivet: 2018-12-27
Længde: 8T 32M
ISBN: 9781528851046

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