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7-Day Weight Loss Challenge

7-Day Weight Loss Challenge

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Lose Weight With Your "7-Day Weight Loss Challenge" Why are you reading this? Because: - You are disgusted and unhappy every time you look in the mirror. - You want people to stop criticizing and making fun of your weight. - You want to look your best everywhere you go and get complimented on. - You want to have more energy and do all the active things that get you excited. - You want to get healthier and live longer and not die from obesity-related deaths. Weight loss seems simple at the outset, but the reality is that it’s much more difficult than many expect. Anyone can be on a low-calorie streak only to blow things with unhealthy food, at any point of the process. This difficulty is admittedly daunting—one off day can ruin several other days of hard work. To help those interested in losing weight—and keeping it off—find success, countless products and services exist today, from supplements to exercise products and everything in-between. For as effective as these products can be, they fail to recognize that the process of losing weight requires mental discipline to keep at its active participation. Accordingly, the key is finding consistency in the weight-loss process. Instead of having a barking coach hurling insults for twenty-dollars per hour, the "7-Day Weight Loss Challenge" provide you with the push necessary to recognize your diet goals in just one week, including: - An outstanding collection of mental-training information that will help readers to set goals and develop the mindset necessary to lose weight - A well-thought diet plan with suggested food types and portions that is sure to boost and enhance one’s metabolism - A series of proven exercises that won’t exhaust readers, but will provide results, as well as a group of stretches and stationary exercises that are sure to have one’s body feeling and performing at is best - And much more With only one week from now, you can already be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals!
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2018-10-16
Længde: 1T 16M
ISBN: 9781982726690

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