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The eco-friendly and organic segment of the personal care market is the fastest growing in North American cosmetics--increasing by 30 percent every year! For the millions of women who seek a more natural, holistic beauty regimen, as well as those with sensitive or problem skin, this gorgeous, full-color book is an indispensable guide to beauty products that are not only good to the earth but also kind to the skin. In Eco-Beautiful, Hollywood makeup artist Lina Hanson reveals the techniques and products she uses to create stunning looks for celebrity clients such as Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Mandy Moore, and Naomi Watts using eco-friendly cosmetics. She describes in detail:
An easy-to-follow skin care regimen for fresh, glowing skinThe ingredients to seek out in a product, and the ones to avoidQuick and easy application tips to make eyes pop, lips pout, and cheeks glowGreen recipes for her signature daytime and evening looks, from "Business Chic" to "Sexy Vixen"Makeup techniques inspired by the four seasons, as well as looks tailored to a woman's age and lifestyle

With before-and-after application photos, helpful information, and green product suggestions in every price range, this is a beauty book like no other--truly eco-friendly and eco-beautiful.
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Forlag: Rodale
Udgivet: 2009-05-12
ISBN: 9781609610685

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