Harry Potter - The Ultimate Quiz - Jack Goldstein

Harry Potter - The Ultimate Quiz

Harry Potter - The Ultimate Quiz

3.6 691 5 Forfatter: Jack Goldstein Oplæser: Jason Zenobia
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Join quizmaster Jason Zenobia for the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz and find out who can rightfully wear the crown as the king or queen of Harry Potter knowledge. Perhaps you’ve read the books from cover to cover three times each, or you’ve visited the studio tour every year since it opened… but how much of it all can you remember? Do you know, for instance, which animal each character casts as their Patronus charm? Can you reel off the names of all of the shops in Hogsmeade? What is Mandrake root used for… and which two types of Dragon still roam the British Isles? There are two ways to play this quiz. For the first set of tracks, the quizmaster reads out ten questions at a time, before confirming the ten correct answers - this is great if you’ve got a pen and paper and want to pit your wits against your friends. Alternatively, if you play the second set of tracks, each question is answered in turn - perfect for a car journey, where the whole family can join in. The quiz covers a range of subjects, from individual characters to themes such as spells and potions, or Quidditch. The questions are based on the Harry Potter story as told in the books rather than the films - so remember this before shouting out the first answer that comes into your head! This is the perfect audiobook for any Harry Potter fan.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Andrews UK Limited
Udgivet: 2018-09-11
Længde: 3T 36M
ISBN: 9781785389788

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