The Wireless Theatre Collection, Vol. 2 - the Wireless Theatre Company, Susan Casanove, Lester Barry

The Wireless Theatre Collection, Vol. 2

The Wireless Theatre Collection, Vol. 2

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: the Wireless Theatre Company, Susan Casanove, Lester Barry Oplæser: A Full Cast
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From the hilarious to the terrifying, this diverse collection features ten Wireless Theatre productions in a single volume:We Are the BBC by Susan Casanove, directed by Jack BowmanRob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave-and apparently Stephen Fry's new best friend. But all isn't quite as it seems.We Are Not the BBC by Susan Casanove, directed by Jack BowmanThings start to look up for the members of an amateur dramatics society when a visiting celebrity steps in and plays the lead role.No Cause for Alarm by Gareth RubinNo Cause for Alarm is a silly play. It has no comment to make about the human condition, love in the twenty-first century, or the Iraq war.Stage Fright by Lynn Howes, directed by Emma TaylorStage Fright charts the struggle for supremacy between three actors appearing in a play together.The Mighty Carlins by Collin Doyle, directed by Paul BlinkhornOn the anniversary of his wife's death, Leo Carlin and his two sons come together for their traditional night of sharing good and bad memories.Blood and Stone by Marty Ross, directed by Mariele Runacre TempleThe "Bloody Lady of Cachtice" was bricked up in her own castle for murder. Why then does the young Katya want a job looking after the countess?The St. Valentine's Day Murder written and directed by Peter DavisIt's Valentine's Day, but events turn less than romantic when one of the members of a dating site is murdered.Laying Ghosts by Clare Reddaway, directed by Emily WrightWhen Connie's beloved husband Jack dies, Connie hopes that her only son, Gary, will console her. Gary, however, has other plans.Emails from Abroad by Julia Messenger and Shirley MawerEmails from Abroad is a play based on travels abroad relayed by emails between the ingenuous first-time traveler and her disillusioned home-bound sister.The Trial of Sherlock Holmes by Peter Davis and Matthew WoodcockCharged with endangering the public, Holmes is forced to relive some of his most bizarre cases.
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Forlag: Design Sound Productions
Udgivet: 2016-08-09
Længde: 9T 55M
ISBN: 9781504757973

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