Heroes Wanted: 4 To-the-Rescue Romances - Jennifer DeCuir,Shay Lacy,Mari Manning,Cody Young

Heroes Wanted: 4 To-the-Rescue Romances

Heroes Wanted: 4 To-the-Rescue Romances

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Jennifer DeCuir,Shay Lacy,Mari Manning,Cody Young
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Heartthrob heroes star in this value-priced set spanning romance subgenres. Are you holding out for a hero? Look no further—these four heartthrobs are strong and fast and larger than life. At this bargain price, you don’t need to wait for the morning light. Always My Hero: Ryan left Scallop Shores with a full scholarship to UCLA and an NFL destiny. But a freak accident cost him both, and now he’s home to take over the family hardware store—and avoid Bree Adams after fate once conspired to keep them apart. But shy librarian Bree has turned a new page, and she’s determined to seize her happy ending. Will their difficult past be too much to overcome, or can she prove to Ryan once and for all that he has always been a hero in her eyes? Holding Out for a Hero: PI Collin Atlee has made a career of hiding behind a handsome face and a cocky attitude. That is, until he takes Seneca Simms’s case. Solving the mystery behind her birth is the easy part. The hard part is stealing her heart without exposing his painful past. Katie’s Hero: In 1940, Katie Rafferty flees Ireland for the London countryside and a position as a nanny to Lord Michael Farrenden’s four young wards. Unexpectedly, sparks fly with the surly and disabled former RAF pilot, but just as they begin to explore their feelings, Katie’s former lover, army man Tom O’Brien, shows up on their doorstep. This wonderful WWII love triangle will enthrall readers. Hero Needed: When Marisa’s best friend is killed by a train, she suspects it was no accident, and she’s determined to enlist EMT Nick Stark’s help in revealing the truth. But unraveling the mystery endangers her own life, and only Nick holds the key to saving her. Sensuality Level: Sensual
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Forlag: Crimson Romance
Udgivet: 2017-05-15
ISBN: 9781507204757

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