150 Tips and Tricks for New Moms - Robin Elise Weiss

150 Tips and Tricks for New Moms

150 Tips and Tricks for New Moms

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"Coming home from the hospital with a baby is a life-changing event. As new moms walk through their front doors with baby in hand, they enter a whole new wonderfulùbut often overwhelmingùreality. New mothers need a simple, straightforward, clear guide to answer all the questions that come up when they welcome their new baby into the world. Offering tips, tricks, and secrets to get through the first year, new moms learn how to:
Plan for life postpartumCare for baby and the familyEase the family into a new realityDeal with mood swings and depressionRecover a sense of self
This book provides issue-specific relief for new moms who need simple solutions and need them fast. From establishing a sleeping and eating schedule to losing the baby weight, this is the essential guide to finding balance in a new day-to-day realityùand enjoying the first year with baby! "
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Forlag: Adams Media
Udgivet: 2009-08-18
ISBN: 9781440520150

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