The Ideas of Henry Mintzberg About Management - Ben Tiggelaar

The Ideas of Henry Mintzberg About Management

The Ideas of Henry Mintzberg About Management

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Henry Mintzberg is a creative thinker. A man who likes to take a different slant on things. For over thirty years he has been firing holes in many popular management conceptions and filling up the gaps with his own ideas.

In Mintzberg´s view, most approaches to management, organization and strategy are theoretical and artificial.

For instance, for decades the prevailing view on management was that it all comes down to analysis and planning. Many of the recommendations put forward in management books were based on this assumption. But Mintzberg´s observational research proved that the daily business of a manager is really very different. Managers do a lot of things, but formal, by-thebook
planning & organizing is something they seldom get around to. Which means, says
Mintzberg, that if you really want to help them improve their performance, you need to offer recommendations in other areas, too.

MBA in One Day - Management Classics is a series of 10 audio programs from author Ben Tiggelaar about the insights and advice from the most important management gurus. Presenter Bill Hoopes discusses the ideas of: Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Eli Goldratt, Michael Hammer, Kaplan & Norton, Philip Kotler, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, and Robert Quinn.


1 Welcome

2 Who is Henry Mintzberg

3 Henry Mintzberg's Vision

4 Mintzberg on Strategy

5 Organizational Building Blocks as Seen by Henry Mintzberg

6 Mintzberg's Five Types of Organization

7 Myths Surrounding the Work of Managers

8 The Role of Managers as Seen by Mintzberg

9 Three Things that Aggravate Henry Mintzberg

10 Praise and Criticism

11 The Practical Value of Mintzberg's Ideas
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Forlag: Tyler Roland Press
Udgivet: 2011-06-27
Længde: 52M
ISBN: 9789079445332

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