19 Gifts of the Spirit - Leslie B. Flynn

19 Gifts of the Spirit

19 Gifts of the Spirit

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But perhaps not in the way the term is frequently used today. Charismata is

a Greek word meaning "gifts of grace." It refers to the gifts or special abilities

given to Christians by the Holy Spirit--all the gifts, not just speaking in

tongues or miracles or healing.

• What are the 19 gifts?

• Are they all for today?

• What is their purpose?

• How can we discover and put to use our own gifts?

All of these questions, plus a careful examination of gifts revealed in the

Bible, are included in this in-depth study, first published in 1974. If you

want to know what the Bible says about spiritual gifts, this book is for you.

Dr. Leslie Flynn is the former pastor of Grace Conservative Baptist Church in

Nanuet, New York, where he served for 40 years. He has written more than 30

books, among them this classic and The Twelve.
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Forlag: David C. Cook
Udgivet: 2012-06-01
ISBN: 9780781408776

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