Understanding and Dealing With Stroke - Dr. Keith Souter

Understanding and Dealing With Stroke

Understanding and Dealing With Stroke

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It is estimated that there are up to 30 strokes every minute throughout the world.* A stroke can be fatal or disabling, while others are purely temporary with a recovery time of less than 24 hours. Whatever the case, a stroke is always serious and as well as having physical and mental consequences for the sufferer, it can also have a significant effect on other family members. This book gives the basic information needed to understand what a stroke is, how to spot the risk factors that may contribute to a stroke, and how to take steps to deal with the repercussions, including details on:

• What happens in a stroke

• The different types of stroke

• Stroke recovery and rehabilitation

• Medication and aids and equipment for independent living

*Source: World Stroke Campaign
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Forlag: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
Udgivet: 2013-07-01
ISBN: 9780857659446

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