The Collected Writings Of Debby Kay - Debby Kay

The Collected Writings Of Debby Kay

The Collected Writings Of Debby Kay

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The collected Writings of Debby Kay is a compilation of over a decade of carefully researched articles from her popular column in the widely circulated Labrador Quarterly. Her insights and reflections on major issues affecting the development of the modern Labrador offer much for the reader to think about as well as solid research from which one could explore even more. Each story and article offers a wealth of information, photos, bibliography of reference material. The book is organized into major sections of history,health, nutrition, genetics, philosophy and training. All aspects of the Labrador are looked in the unique and thought provoking manner that Debby Kay is known for. This is one reference all serious Labrador people will want to have on hand.
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Forlag: Coveran Publishing House
Udgivet: 2014-01-01
ISBN: 9780983785644

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