PhotoActive: Using Free Image Manipulation Software - Peter Cope

PhotoActive: Using Free Image Manipulation Software

PhotoActive: Using Free Image Manipulation Software

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Photography can be an expensive hobby but it need not be as, these days, there is a wide range of free and low cost applications and software packages that offer sophisticated tools and techniques to help the amateur photographer to produce great photos. Using Free Image Manipulation Software explores the world of free (and almost free) image manipulation software and apps and provides guidance on how the software can help you to manipulate and enhance your photographs. This PhotoActive title also provides advice on free workflow software that can help you to process and store your images. The book covers software to use with digital cameras as well as apps for your smartphone or tablet, including, for example: Gimp, iPhoto, Picasa and Windows Media Centre for image manipulation, apps such as PureShot, Snapseed and Photogene4, and LightZone and DarkTable for image workflow. As well as considering what is on offer, Peter Cope examines what the software can and can't do when it comes to techniques like: - Converting colour images to black and white; - Cropping, colour and composition; - Removing red eye, adjusting for contrast and lighting, sharpening; - Major manipulations and creative transformations. Peter Cope has written many books that help beginners and amateur photographers develop skills and learn techniques to take their images from good to great. In this book he provides the same practical advice, helpful tips and useful shortcuts so that you can make the most of the free software that is available. With lots of photos and screen shots that demonstrate what you can achieve with the different software packages, Using Free Image Manipulation Software is an invaluable guide to developing your image manipulation skills in a cost-effective manner. So save your cash and start with what you can download for free - you will be amazed at what you can achieve with your photos.
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Udgivet: 2015-07-22
ISBN: 9781910226353

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