Sex and the Subconscious - Dr. Arthur Janov

Sex and the Subconscious

Sex and the Subconscious

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Billions of people are suffering from sexual dysfunction all over the world. Some want to have sex, but can't. Some don't want to have sex, and don't care about it. Some can hardly think about anything else. Others are addicted to sex and can't stop themselves. The list of sexual disorders is endless. In Sex & the Subconscious: Perversions and Diversions in the Realm of the Libido, bestselling author and renowned psychologist Dr. Arthur Janov explains that imprints from early childhood trauma and lack of love in early life are not only stored in the body systems, but also damage areas of the brain and nervous system that are key to sexual health. Sex & the Subconscious delves into neuroscience and the body systems to explain how they can combine with a person's history to create the perfect storm of sexual dysfunction. Janov's book also contains more than 20 case studies of people suffering sexual dysfunction who discuss their problems and the traumatic events at the root of their dysfunction, such as incest, early abuse, abandonment, childbirth, and more.
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Forlag: Untreed Reads - Reputation Books
Udgivet: 2014-05-22
ISBN: 9780991363544

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