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"Call Traveller, and you will get home safely". ‘Traveller' is the story of the American Civil war as seen through the eyes of Traveller, famous horse of the great Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Now old and in retirement in the stable of his master, the beautiful iron-grey Traveller relates the story of his life to the stable cat Tom. Traveller's understanding, feelings and impressions about events and people sometimes miss the mark, but his loyalty to the South, courage in battle, utter devotion to his master, and his faithful service through the horrors of what has been called the first Industrial war, shine through. His horse nature and his honest simplicity, as revealed in his tale, contrast with the horrors, cruelty and complications of war in this poignant and moving animal story. As in ‘Watership Down', the book with rabbits as heroes, Adams enters imaginatively into the mind and heart of an animal to tell a story with messages about humankind that are not always flattering to the ‘higher' species.
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Udgivet: 2014-11-27
ISBN: 9781783015825

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